Consultants for Overseas Investments in Tamilnadu and Corporate Businesses

T.V. Ramaswamy (Chennai), Sowmya Ramaswamy(NC-U.S.A.), Gayathri Ramaswamy (Coimbatore), Suresh Ranganathan (Canada), Sridhar Krishnan (Dubai), Vidya Gupta & Ashok K.R. Gupta (Japan), K. V. VISWANATHAN (Mumbai), Seshan (Kuwait), Ramesh Sundararajan (Nigeria), Srihari (U.K.)
To identify and garner business community in overseas Countries to Invest their funds to venture into business in Tier-I, II and III capitals of Tamilnadu State of India.
To create employment opportunity to talented Unemployed Youth from Rural Centers of Tamilnadu and enrich the State with Productivity based Businesses and augment the resources base of an individual to enable the Agriculturists to plough back the money in Self sustaining growth of Agricultural Products too.
List of Industries that can be brought under ONE UMBRELLA in Tamilnadu by migrating them from different countries of the world:
1. Automobile Sector & Road Transport sectors
2. Communication Sector
3. Electrical & Electronics
4. Medical & Surgical Equipments and Pharmaceuticals
5. Solar Power Systems
6. Education Sector with Computer Technologies
7. Science & Research
8. Agricultural Products & Equipments
9. Public Transportations by Road
10. Aircrafts & Aviation Equipments
11. Horticultural Developments
12. Printing Technology, Cinematography, Photography equipments.
13. Macro Level Banking & Micro Finance
14. Export & Import and Other Corporate Businesses
15. Audit & Advisory Services
16. Fully skilled & semi skilled Training
17. Textile Industries
18. Defense services & its allied Products
19. Metro Rail & Mono Rail services
20. Management Advisory Services.
India possesses all round skills and adequate Manpower at lower cost of labor which is being extracted by different countries in the world as is evident from the deployment of our men & women at work in different foreign countries. If the same force is well utilized and tap the talented potentials of our Human Resources, Tamilnadu will become self sustained and we can make export promotion zone if only we invite all potential investors from Asian countries, USA, UK, Australia, Africa, UAE and provide all encouragements and advantages to Investors to commence their products from Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III capitals of Tamilnadu the State will be enriched by itself.
Because of various kind of political climate that prevails in Tamilnadu from time to time, Investors do fear or afraid to invest their money in Tamilnadu and they do not come forward to take risks of their investments. It is here SRI ABHINAVA KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY SERVICES play its role by properly guiding foreign Investors and create a good & viable liaison between the Investors and various Government Agencies.
Viable areas for investments in Tamilnadu:
1. Chennai
2. Coimbatore
3. Tiruchirapalli
4. Madurai
5. Tirunelveli
6. Tuticorin
7. Vellore
8. Salem
9. Namakkal
10. Kanyakumari
In the above mentioned areas talented & educated youth both men and women in the age group of 21 to 30 are available in plenty and the labor too are cheaper than in other areas. These areas are selected because they are closer to International airports & Sea Port connectivity within less than 100 Kim's. or 3 hours reach by Road.
Now that the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi has taken lot of initiatives in the past 3 years, TODAY, as we witness a Paradigm shift in the erstwhile Global Order, an opportunity has emerged both for India and the Investing Companies from abroad to set NEW STANDARDS in bilateral ties that will be bound by their SHARES VALUES.
The WORLD is now focused on India's Economy, especially in areas like manufacturing, trade, commerce and people to people contact, due to young population and a rising middle class.The whole world is looking at India. 7000 Reforms alone by Government of India ( GOI) for ease of (doing ) business and minimum government, maximum governance with an assurance of Efficiency, transparency, growth and benefit for all.
Start up:
Innovation & tapping huge Intellectual. Education & Vocational training potential in India.
Our Prime Minister has given a call to support for "Make in India", "Digital India" and "Start up India". It will also facilitate for your Social Initiative in Women Empowerment, Digital Technology, Education & Food Processing, Infrastructure, Defence Manufacturing and Energy Security with Mutually beneficial partnership in line with INCLUSIVE GROWTH.
We solicit the entry of potential Investors by contacting us at the following address & contact details:


"Sharadha Nilayam" , 52  First Main Road,
Nanganallur, Chennai - 600 061.
Mobile :  9840986638 / 9500060842 / 9500067598 / 7010769059 (RELIANCE JIO) / 9884764535 (Vodafone) / 8277261688 (BSNL) / 8300682549 (Whatsapp) / 8825728906 (JIO).
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