Our Dream :
Mind of the student can be kept alive through knowledge, therefore we pour in knowledge which only dulls the mind. A mind that is extraordinarily alert, tremendously alive, not only learning from books, memorizing facts, but also learning how to look, how to listen in a practical way of village surroundings peeping through the poverty sticken people, such mind will impart its aliveness to a mind which is still seeking enquiring, innocent. Therefore, Knowledge will not destroy.

Proposed project to be launched during August 2015 will be 100% free hospital facilities and also 100% free medical education to the students of poor but bright students from village schools in madurai district.
To create infrastructure with state of the art facilities for the benefit of the poor in villages.

To commission, develop, investigate and implement communication channels through the network of hi-tech information technologies that will ultimately. enrich the access to basic health care for rural poor that too below poverty line.
Facilitate research and analysis of various kind of health care applications with gadgets of modern technology. Improvised health-related educational services applications only to the poor and economically weaker sections in villages.

Extend helping hand and support efforts aimed at disaster preparedness and the availability of disaster- related services.
Create awareness among RURAL FOLKS on hygienic standard and preventive health care.

Conducting free Eye Camp, Dental Camp and general Health, Periodically in villages surrounding Mannadi Mangalam.

Awareness will be created among the rural poor about the evil effects of smoking and drinking Toddy/Alcohol.
" To Eradicate poverty in the minds of the poor people and make them to avail high class health facilities equivalent to rich people. "


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